Wish “Happy B’Day” to Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods – B’day

London, Dec 29: With no family, friends and alleged high-class madames around, it’s going to be a lonely birthday for troubled celebrity golfer Tiger Woods who turns 34 Wednesday.

There is a rumor that Tiger will spend his B’day in isolation……but…

Lets wish him that his coming year brings out him from all problems  of his life and we can get back a great golfer back….


5 Responses

  1. Wish him a very very happy birthday and wish that he may walk on good way now and concentrate on his golf course and not on the other course!

  2. what we can do for him is that we can just pray for him for his success and for his better life…both professional as well as personal……we wish he get back his lost image and wife!

  3. We do not have any real insight about his day. What do we know? He is the best golfer on the planet. He was not completely satisfied in his marriage. He has taken all of the blame of embarrassing his family silently. Neither he nor his wife have spoken to the media. Oh, the missing ring, well Elin has a twin sister, did the sister go out with the children, allowing her an opportunity to take care of business? Maybe, maybe not.

    If Elin attacked him out of jealous rage and caused or was a catalyst for his vehicle accident, then he should divorce that psycho. He would have been arrested, charged, jailed, prosecuted, fined, yada, yada, yada if the table was turned. She is not an earner. She does not have more responsibility than any typical wife. She has a staff. Does she have equal accountability in the marriage? How? By what measure? What an awful life she has. He should end his marriage.

    Best wishes to Tiger on his birthday where ever he may be.


  4. […] golfer Tiger Woods turns 34 today… But now-a-days new rumors claims that Tiger Woods needed his face rebuilding […]

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