Tour of the Tiger – From Golf Course to Hollywood screen

Legendary Golfer of the century and the buzzing celebrity of the last month of the bygone year – Tiger Woods might climb another milestone as his much googled infidelity scandal would be captured on the reels! It is being heard that a number of Hollywood directors / producers are setting their cameras to shoot the real life scam in the reels.

According to the sources, Oscar winner eminent actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is likely to play the multimillion dollar golfer-cum-multi mistress man! There are many producers who are keen to turn the legendary golfer’s much buzzed scandal into money printer!

When it comes to successful and rich celebs, people always love to see them fall from the peak. The same factor would be applying in tiger’s case. And before the charm of this scam gets over from the mind of people, Hollywood giants are trying best to click it on cam at the earliest.

It was November 27th‘s car crash near his villa when this eminent golfer jolted the world by issuing a statement of confession of his infidelity. The reports were on the boom of him being beaten by his wife elin – the former super model. Woods, who has chosen to remain isolated from the professional golf world by declaring an indefinite break from his most beloved profession – Golf has found no end to his unfortunate luck as the his ex-model wife eyes to divorce his unfaithful – sex addicted husband which could cost him half of his billion dollar empire. Elln may walkout from tiger’s life with as much as 169 million dollars in divorce from tiger.


4 Responses

  1. That would be most watched film of 2010. The producer and financier will get huge profits from the films but only if the film gets flashed on screen in a less time – i mean if they make film ASAP only then they will earn too money to count it. what do you say!

  2. i think the buzz will be gone in a matter of months – why do people keep crashing on him anyways?

  3. I say all these ppl want to make money nothing else.Tiger is great golfer ..pls leave him alone.

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