Feel Comfortable with Improved Golf Shoes

Adidas - Golf ShoesAre you imagining that you play without golf shoes? Absolutely not. The reason is that you have to have better golf shoes to play with. Without them you can not play the golf. Golf shoes are must have golf accessory. Inferior golf shoes can make your game dull. But pair of improved golf shoes can be convert your effort in to victory. So you have to take great care to choose a pair of better golf shoes. Some are the qualities your golf shoes have are it should be tough enough to tolerate any weather conditions. The second one is the most important one that is it should be made of water proof material. There are mainly two types of materials available for golf shoes one is leather and second one is polyester. Leather golf shoes would be a better choice because it is waterproof and your golf shoes even breathe so you feel much comfortable while playing.

If you are serious about golf game, you should try golf shoes. Adidas has a nice and improved range of Golf shoes. All men’s Adidas tech adventure golf shoes are offered in most local stores; however, you will find the complete line of their men’s golf shoes on the Internet web site. There are many exceptional colors offered with the well known triple stripe Adidas logo on the sides. They also have the more traditional styles which all have the Adidas technology laced throughout.

Adidas has added a new feature, new technology to its golf shoes for comfort of players. The Tour360 style, custom-made for PGA Tour professionals, features hand-burnished and polished leather which provides a country club-esque look and feel around the greens. This technology allows for golfers to stand closer to the ground which promotes increased feel on the course and a lower center of gravity while maintaining proper foot comfort vital to the player. You also get same features and improved technology for golf players comfort in FOOTJOY golf shoes Range, and all these ranges, you come under one roof of online golf shop – Golf247.co.uk.

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Golf Tips : Key Shots : Short Iron

Many golfers learn to play with a single club – often a six or seven iron – and this remains their favourite club throughout their playing years.

Golf Irons

Golf Irons

If you can play this shot well, you can play any shot well as the short iron swing is the bedrock of all golf.

The only variation between clubs is the ball position and width of stance.

As a rule the higher the club, the narrower the stance and the further back the ball should be in the stance.

Step One.

Take an open stance with the ball in the middle with the hands slightly ahead of the ball.

Pick a specific target – for instance don’t just aim in the direction of the green, aim for a specific point on the green.

This will help you visualise the shot.

Step Two.

Swing normally, concentrating on a nice smooth takeaway and a full turn of the shoulders and hips.

Step Three.

On the downswing make sure your hands remain ahead of the club as you drive your knees, hips and shoulders back towards the ball.

Aim to clip the ball first then the turf as you make contact.

Don’t forget to ‘hit’ the ball.

Attack it as you unleash the power stored in your swing.

From bbc.co.uk